Dec 012015

Hello all,

The Encounter entries for the bestiary have been edited, and all that’s left is to cross-reference them with the savage tales and plot points. This may create a few more entries. Right now we have 79 Fae and 59 specific encounters in the Bestiary (138 total!).

The tables need to be cleaned up and polished, and then the book is ready to share with everyone for the final in-progress PDF, within the next two months! I’ll be looking at another way of transferring the intermediary file, as the drive thru method had a lot of issues for some people.

Almost all our backer art is completed; the Court of Roses Crown Knights are being worked on right now, as is the final backer location piece. We also want to let everyone know that we have a new logo, and we’re thrilled with it! Kickstarter money did not go to this. We’re also looking at having a new website designed, including forums, and any advice on good forum systems would be appreciated as this is outside the expertise of our website designer. If anybody has any helpful input, please contact us, thank you.

Below is the sketch for the first piece of art appearing in the Player’s Guide–a shot of downtown Arden through regular vision and The Sight.

Arden Downtown, by Joe Shawcross

Arden Downtown, by Joe Shawcross

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