Apr 042018

It gives us great pleasure to finally announce …

Fae Nightmares is now available for purchase! Both the Core Book and the Players Guide are available through DriveThruRPG.com. Fae Nightmares requires the Savage Worlds core book to play.

The Player’s Guide is not required to play the game but it handy to have to loan players without tipping them off to what’s in the GM section (hint hint, two structured campaigns among other goodies)

Sep 252017

Hi everyone, Just to let everyone know.  Things are going well on our end. We are still for waiting for the second proof.  We are working on the other PDFs and deliverables.  Things are going smoothly and we will let you know as soon as anything changes.

Sep 252017

We have two things to report this week!  – Edits to the First Proof First, the edits are all done. The changes and tweaks to the layout courtesy of Mariah are all done. We are pretty much finished on our end. We are sending for our next hard-copy proof. If we like what we see Read More…

Sep 252017
October 2016

Hello! – Pictures of the First Proof I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I’m writing this to the melodic whir of a drain-snake. As of today we have our Fae Nightmares proof in hand! It is an incredibly surreal experience for both Brett and I.    

Dec 012015

Hello all, The Encounter entries for the bestiary have been edited, and all that’s left is to cross-reference them with the savage tales and plot points. This may create a few more entries. Right now we have 79 Fae and 59 specific encounters in the Bestiary (138 total!). The tables need to be cleaned up Read More…

Sep 292015

Hi everyone! Things are going well on our end. We are down to the last few things to do: the encounter edits, and layout for the plot points and on. The last few pieces of art are being commissioned. We plan on releasing the files to our backers as soon as we have the layout Read More…